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Thrilled With APPA Results

I entered the Landscape category of the Australian Institute Professional Photography (AIPP) Australian Professional Print Awards (APPA). This annual event is the highlight of the AIPP calendar.  The judging of prints was held in Melbourne as part of the Digital Expo at the Melbourne exhibition centre. It was both nerve-wracking and exciting to sit in the audience and listen to a panel of five esteemed photographers discussing one of my prints Рespecially when one of the judges challenged the score!

Of the three prints I entered I received scores of 87, 81 & 78 which meant I qualified for a Silver Distinction Award and a Silver Award.

This is a link to one of my blog entries that describes the judging process “the judging process

The standard of the entries was very high and I feel extremely proud to achieve a great result!

Tony Hewitt won the Landscape category with a series of wonderful aerial abstracts, and won the overall Professional Photographer of the Year.

Info from the AIPP’s website can be found here

Silver Distinction - Misty Pines

Silver Distinction Award – Misty Pines


Silver -Gnarly Gum

Silver Award -Gnarly Gum


No Award - Tangled Mind

No Award – Tangled Mind

My print on display with other award winners

My print on display with other award winners

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Sneaky Silver Award

My prints from the recent NSW AIPP Professional Print Awards judging just arrived. When I opened the print case I found a print that I did not see the judging for. This print was awarded a Silver.

Very happy that six of my prints were judged at Silver standard.

I need to build on this excellent result and try to achieve the next level of Silver Distinction, or that allusive Gold!

This image was shot near Kings Canyon NT on Adventures in Oz trip with Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. I loved the cloud that just drifted in for literally 5mins and soft pastel colours of sunset, but somehow ended up with the following image. I like to experiment with achieving a different look, and the cloud reflection  just seemed to work.

I think I can improve it by subtly removing some of the symmetry in the tree branches, so that the viewer has to look twice…

Silver Award – “Dragons” – near Kings Canyon, NT Aust

What A Pleasant Surprise – Finalist 2013 NSW AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year

Last night at the NSW Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) I was very pleasantly surprised to be announced as a finalist in the Emerging Photographer of the Year.

This is a new category for the NSW State Awards. Also, previously category winners would be picked from the highest aggregate score. Now finalists are chosen based on the aggregate scores. The best collection of prints determines the category winner. Thus it is possible that the category winner may not have the highest aggregate score.

In my previous post I was pleased to announce that I had been awarded Silvers for my prints. The print judging is a very interesting process. A panel of five judges evaluate the prints. Prints are presented under standard lighting conditions. Each judge enters their score. The panel chair announces the combined score. At this point judges can raise a challenge if they feel that the print deserves a different score. The panel chair moderates discussion for and against a revised score. In most cases the challenging judge is trying to convince their colleagues to review a score upwards. Judges then can re-score the print. If a judges score is outside a set band of scores, then this generates an automatic challenge. In this event the same discussion for and against a score revision ensues, however the judges score that triggered the automatic challenge is locked in, and only the other judges get to re-score.

Since these awards are for professional photographers there is an expectation that “professional practice” is your normal standard, so to get an award the work has to include creative and artistic elements beyond normal professional practice. Each state has their own awards which then culminate in the National Event – the APPA’s
(Australian Professional Print Awards) This event is the pinnacle of professional photography in Australia. It is a chance to benchmark your work against the best of the best. Award winners get their photos published in the annual AIPP APPA book.

Mark Kelly Finalist in the 2013 NSW AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year

Finalist 2013 NSW AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year