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Looking For A Cover Shot

After sending some NZ snapper photos to my fishing buddies, Nick offered to show me a similar style of fishing here in Oz.

Nick is a very keen fisherman, who fishes various competitions. His boat is something to behold. Definitely not your average tinny. It is more like a racing boat. Apart from the seats & cockpit it is all flat casting platform. Even with Nick, his brother John and myself casting from one side it was extremely stable. The boat is bristling with technology. The sounder has maps and GPS built-in. It also features side to side sonar, so as well as the sounder looking directly below the boat, additional transponders point out the back to cover some 25m either side of the boat. The amount of detail it can resolve is astounding!.

On the front is a bow-mounted electric. This unit is linked to the GPS system and has a remote hanging on a pendant . You can get it to plot a course, or just press a button and it will maintain the current position – automatically adjusting for changes in wind and current.

Overall it was a relatively slow day on the fishing front. However, I still caught my personal best bream and on a lure as a bonus. I also caught several other species. We had fun and I got some great photos.

I generally like the shallow depth of field with a high contrast washed out colour in post, but this is not mainstream fishing magazine cover style.

Will one of them be a cover shot? – probably not , but I will keep trying….

John waits for a hookup

John shows off his 71cm flathead

Mark with his personal best bream

Nick prepares to unhook his first bream of the day

Nick shows off his 37cm bream

Nick shows us how to pose fish for cover shot