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Bronze Awards In 2012 International Loupe Awards

I have entered the International Loupe Awards before. However, this year I decided to enter the “Medium Format” Category. I only entered three images. Two images (both of Milford Sound) were from my recent trip to New Zealand on a workshop with Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford. The third was an image posted in “A Sense Of The Forest“.

Both images of Milford Sound received a Bronze Award.


Magic Milford

Milford Mist Bronze Award International Loupe Awards

Milford Mist

What was particularly interesting was the range of scores for the Sepia toned image ranged from 93 to 70! (which ended up with average score of 80). One of the judges feedback comments was that the image showed an area “of visible retouching”. This must have been an artifact of the Nik processing (or just distant rain which was backlit from sun). I was very happy that at least the image obviously resonated with a couple of judges at least! It certainly is one of my favourite images.

It has been shot on my PhaseOne medium format and has a staggering amount of detail, which on the web you just cannot see. To give you a bit of an idea I have zoomed in and made a screen-snap as below.

The tiny specs by the waters edge are a couple. You can even see a bird perched on the log between them!

Magic Milford Zoom International Loupe Awards

Zoom Detail of Magic Milford Image



Its Official – I Am Now Certified!

I recently qualified to become a Phase One Certified Professional. This is a fairly intensive process. To pass the course and become a Phase One Certified Professional you must pass 10 on-line courses,with an 80% minimum pass mark, and pass the test at the end of the two-day course, also with an 80% minimum pass mark.

The course is both theory and practical covering various topics such as:
·     Advanced Capture One workflow.
·     On-set workflow.
·     Technology behind Phase One backs and cameras.
·     Trouble-shooting computers, backs and cameras; and advanced operation of backs, etc

The course was held at L&P Studios, Sydney

Phase One Certified Professional Logo