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Beautiful Hobart Harbour

An earlier post (Spectra Light Tower) showed images of Ryoji Ikeda’s amazing installation as part of the Dark MoFo Festival. Whilst in Hobart I shot several images from my hotel room which overlooked the harbour. Most of the week it was dull rained-out grey, which was not that interesting. I would imaging that the harbour does get wild weather from the south.

However on a couple of occasions the light was right to show off the harbours beauty.

The last rays of light

The last rays of light

Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Winter Morning

Winter Morning

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Spectra Light Tower

I have been in Hobart attending the annual¬†Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Nikon Event. I was lucky to photograph the amazing Ryoji Ikeda’s “Spectra Light Tower”. It comprises some 49 lights that point skyward as a huge beacon. Depending on the weather the beam can reach as far as 15km. The installation included ethereal music that had a very low bass note that really penetrated your body and did not feel that comfortable. Luckily the many speakers surrounding the light installation faced in, so you were only affected if you were up close. I believe it was only displayed during the Dark MOFO festival and now has been dismantled.


Spectral Light Tower 01- (love the Southern Cross)

Spectral Light Tower 02 – (contrasts with Cenotaph Monument)

Spectral Light Tower 03 – (a definite “beam me up Scotty” moment)

Spectral Light Tower 04 – (onlookers in quiet reflection)

Spectral Light Tower 05 – (soap bubbles waft in the light stream)

Spectral Light Tower 06 – (like moths to the flame)

Spectral Light Tower 07 – (ghostly figures)

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