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Lunch Interrupted

I was going on a walk  around a local park that has a nice lake in the middle. I often walk in the bush from this starting point (see my earlier Waratah post). I had not gone ten paces when I suddenly saw a rather large red-bellied black snake next to the track. After my initial shock, I stepped back and watched. After a long cold spell having  much warmer spring weather it is not surprising that snakes are becoming active.

However, what did surprise me was that it had just caught a big frog and was only part way trying to swallow it!. It is amazing how snakes can dislocate their lower jaw and swallow prey that is in fact larger than themselves…

I have had a long fascination with snakes and lizards so could not help but admire such a lovely creature. I know many will not agree. Yes we have deep fears of snakes and sharks, but statistically we are far more likely to be injured commuting to work or going to buy groceries.

Disclaimer! – I do not recommend trying to photograph snakes with an iPhone.


Snake having lunch comprising of a big frog

Compare size of frog to size of snakes head – do not try to be this close!