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A Sense Of The Forest

This post is an extension my earlier “Dragging The Shutter” post. The New Zealand beech forests are wonderful places. Being a fan of TLOTR it is not hard to imagine seeing Hobbits, Elves or even Orks in these places. My natural shooting mode would be to create a huge wrap-around panorama. However, the light is fairly harsh, and there is a strong breeze blowing, so I abandoned my tripod to shoot intimate details of the forest that I hope will give me a sense of the forest.

The mind is an amazing thing, with only a few visual clues it is able to fill in the details!

The Phase is not really what I would call a point and shoot camera and to get shutter speeds up a suitable speed for hand-held I choose ISO 100 and f2.8. Using a 150mm fixed focal length lens I find that looking up at the back-lit leaves I can see interesting shapes.

Sense of the Forest - One

Sense of the Forest – One

Sense of the forest - Two

Sense of the forest – Two

Sense of the forest - Three

Sense of the forest – Three