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A Tiding of Magpies

The result was not anything like I had expected. The creative process is not always straight-forward. I had ended up with images much different to those I had envisaged. When Shirley, the Gallery Director asked me did I want to take part in the group show “A Tiding of Magpies” naturally I said yes. About 10 seconds later I realised that I did not actually have any images of a magpie!

Hmm – this sounded like a challenge…

I am not overly concerned,  it should be easy to get a photo as we often have a family of magpies in our yard. When I am out working in the yard, they will often follow me around as I stir up a bit of a smorgasbord for them. The parents attend to a rather large chick, who always seems desperately hungry if you judge by its constant cries. However, they became shy as soon as I got my camera out. So rather to try to approach them, I just started pulling out weeds like I normally do. It was not long until one of the parents come closer for a look through the pile of weeds. I managed to grab a couple of frames, and headed inside to download.

One of the frames was perfect! Despite the shallow depth of field, the eye was tack-sharp and I really liked its stance.

I had decided to make a black and white image, but when I looked on the screen, I thought it was boring. Recently I had played with a series of macro shots of Rosella feathers as possible scarf designs. A thought crossed my mind of what if my Magpie was a Technicolor one, and that maybe my scarf design could be somehow draped over. After a few attempts this also was not working for me.

Finally I wondered what this magpie would look like in a Warhol inspired series. So I placed the magpie into each very bright background, then brushed some of the visibility back to make the magpie seem to burst out of its background.

I am really happy how this series turned out and that the images work well on their own, or as a set. What was amazing was that had I not been asked if I had any images of magpies, then almost certainly these images would never been made.

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A Tiding of Magpies

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Warhol Magpie One

Warhol Magpie One

Warhol Magpie Two

Warhol Magpie Two

Warhol Magpie Three

Warhol Magpie Three

Warhol Magpie Four

Warhol Magpie Four





Karijini Exhibition Is Ready!

Well – the time has finally arrived!

All the Karijini images are hanging in the MKImages Gallery (part of the Milk Factory Gallery Complex)

My daughter Emma is exhibiting for her first time, so this is very exciting for us both.

Here are photos of the exhibition. However, on-line they do not show any were near the quality of the actual printed works!

A big thanks to Sonja & Bob at ArtHead for printing & framing, especially the nearly 3m gigantic panorama.

Karijini Exhibition Gallery Panorama


Emma Kelly Karijini Images – collection #1


Mark Kelly Karijini Images – collection #1


Mark Kelly Karijini Images – collection #2


Mark Kelly Karijini Images – Panorama Centrepiece


Mark Kelly Karijini Images – collection #3


Mark Kelly Karijini Images – collection #4


Emma Kelly Karijini Images – collection #2









Karijini Exhibition Invite – Sat 16th Feb 4pm

An exhibition of photographic prints by father and daughter inspired by the wonderful rock formations of Karijini National Park.