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Red Centre Adventures In Colour – Part 2

A few of my friends have commented on the strong use of colour in my earlier post!. Just to show I am in touch with my softer side here are a couple of images just for you…


Red Centre Adventures In Colour – Part 1

Welcome to my blog which is now part of my website. It has been a pretty hectic time getting this all up and running, which is why I have been late with the current post. As promised, I thought I would share a couple of my colour images from the recent trip.

Desert SwirlMars Landing

Red Centre Adventures in Black and White

I recently joined a “Adventures in Oz” photo expedition to Central Australia. The “Red Centre” is aptly named – the red rocks and sand permeate every part of the landscape. Even just spending a short time there it gets in everything, your shoes, your camera bag under your nails. Red does dominate, but is subdued in the harsh daylight. However, in low light at either end of the day, the hues and tones are of a truly beautiful. The landscape is spectacular with a rich palette of colours.
When travelling the vast distances between campsites and shooting locations there were numerous opportunities to make images despite the glare and harsh light. This is a hard country. The landscape is hard, tough and sharp.

I have chosen various Black and White treatments using Snapseed which I feel suit the images. Dont worry, I am also working on a coloured set of images too – these will be in a future post. These images feature my three favourite subjects: clouds, rocks and trees – I hope you enjoy.

Cloudscape I

Cloudscape II

Cloudscape III

Desert Oak V

Desert Oak Grove

Desert Oak VI

Cloudscape VII

Cloudscape VIII

Cloudscape IX

Desert Oak X

Cloudscape XI


King’s Canyon