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When Is Too Much Not Enough? – Part 2

My previous post certainly focused on the colourful side of Autumn in New Zealand. Some of the images are quite surreal, but that is precisely the feeling I got when was capturing them. Also, a slightly slower shutter speed and the wind moving leaves gives the images a “painterly” look which I like very much. In Part 2 this folio of images have a much subtle use of colour. I am particularly happy with the tree images as the fine detail have a texture that looks like brush strokes.

The water texture is gorgeous & the single leaf lets you assume it is autumn

A black and white image with tiny splashes of colour

I love the patch of colour and the back-lit trees

These trees almost look like feathers

Dead trees contrast against the rugged hills

The trees look like beautiful brush strokes

Receding layers of different trees creates a wonderful depth

Soft light through branches creates a brush-stroke appearance








When Is Too Much Not Enough? – Part 1

Autumn in New Zealand is certainly in full swing. The riot of colours in many of the old gold mining areas is simply amazing. The range of photo opportunities is endless and range from wide panoramas down to a single leaf. I really enjoyed seeing complete hillsides covered in colour. The images show my attraction the colours. I guess there is always a choice, but for me I loved the vibrant palette so emphasised the colours. It was a case when too much was not enough!

Autumn Panorama – 10 x image stitch

Autumn Panorama – detail

The Arrow River winds past a riot of colour

A slow shutter speed and wide angle lens makes the water appear silky against the gold background

The overhanging autumn canopy provides the surreal glow

The autumn colours make the willow appear it is on fire

A trio of leaves contrasts against a dark trunk