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Success in 2015 NSW AIPP Print Awards

This year in the NSW Australian Institute Professional Photographers (AIPP) Print Awards I decided to enter both landscape and illustrative categories.  I attended the live judging and was blown away to receive so many awards for my prints. I have never achieved a gold award before, so you can imagine my excitement to get two!

The results summary is:

Landscape – Gold, Silver with Distinction & Silver awards

Illustrative – Gold & Silver with Distinction

However, what I was not expecting was that I due to my results over multiple categories that I was awarded 2015 NSW AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year. I also was finalist for the Illustrative Photographer of the Year too!

Wow! a huge result, which now puts pressure on me to see how I fare at the Nationals later in Melbourne later in the year…

Gold - Landscape

Gold – Landscape

Silver with Distinction - Landscape

Silver with Distinction – Landscape

Silver - Landscape

Silver – Landscape

Gold - Illustrative

Gold – Illustrative

Silver with Distinction - Illustrative

Silver with Distinction – Illustrative


The local paper (The Southern Highlands News) also ran a nice article about me:

Courtesy Southern Highland News 3rd June 2015 © Fairfax Media 2015

Courtesy Southern Highland News 3rd June 2015 © Fairfax Media 2015

May Madness

Wow – what a month – it has definitely been May Madness!!

This is a “snapshot” of what I have been doing:

  • Bruny Island workshop
  • Head On South Slideshow Bowral – first presentation
  • Finalist in the Landscape Category of Head Photo Festival
  • Ben Lowy 1pm-4pm iPhone workshop at Luna Park
  • Ben Lowy 1am-4am street portrait workshop in Kings Cross
  • NSW AIPP Print Awards (four Silvers in the landscape category)
  • NSW AIPP Finalist Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • Head On South Slideshow Bowral – second presentation


I will compile some albums so you get a better idea of what I have been doing.

These are my images submitted as prints to the NSW AIPP Print Awards. Nothing on-screen compares to viewing an actual print!


"Feathers"-NSW AIPP Silver  Award

“Feathers”-NSW AIPP Silver Award

"Gold Tapestry"-NSW AIPP Silver  Award

“Gold Tapestry”-NSW AIPP Silver Award

"Like Moths"-NSW AIPP Silver  Award

“Like Moths”-NSW AIPP Silver Award

"Dark MOFO"-NSW AIPP Silver  Award

“Dark MOFO”-NSW AIPP Silver Award

Sneaky Silver Award

My prints from the recent NSW AIPP Professional Print Awards judging just arrived. When I opened the print case I found a print that I did not see the judging for. This print was awarded a Silver.

Very happy that six of my prints were judged at Silver standard.

I need to build on this excellent result and try to achieve the next level of Silver Distinction, or that allusive Gold!

This image was shot near Kings Canyon NT on Adventures in Oz trip with Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. I loved the cloud that just drifted in for literally 5mins and soft pastel colours of sunset, but somehow ended up with the following image. I like to experiment with achieving a different look, and the cloud reflection  just seemed to work.

I think I can improve it by subtly removing some of the symmetry in the tree branches, so that the viewer has to look twice…

Silver Award – “Dragons” – near Kings Canyon, NT Aust