Ghosts of the Past Exhibition

Land clearing is happening at an alarming rate. I explore the feeling that the landscape gives me is that many trees have been removed and all that remains are ghosts of the past.

My favourite photographic subjects are trees, rocks and clouds. I love the juxtaposition of relative time. For instance, rocks are effectively permanent, clouds are momentary existence and trees are somewhere in-between. I had been photographing trees one foggy morning and enjoying the graceful forms and the ethereal mood. The idea of land clearing had occurred to me, but not how best to convey the feeling. The thought to present work almost as the camera captured it was simply not an option. I had discovered a new way of applying blur along a user-defined curve and this was the catalyst I needed to create the look I was seeking. All trees used in the final composition were captured on the same day. Once I created the first composition I refined the technique and applied it to other images and soon was surprised that I now had a series. The black and white treatment is imperative to convey the ghostly spectres of trees from the past. For me, images in colour just did not evoke anywhere near the same feeling or mood as black and white.

Most of this series was exhibited at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery as part of winning the 2018 Art Prize.