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A Fleeting Kiss

I love how clouds are often so dynamic. I was working in the yard yesterday, hoping to cut the grass before what looked like an impending storm. However, every time I looked up I could see wonderful cloud formations. Quickly I grabbed my Phase fitted with an 80mm lens (this is equal to a 50mm on a DSLR) and shot this series of photos. The bright sun was a bit tricky to shoot, especially with clouds passing in front,  but I settled on 1/1000 sec at f6.3 (Iso35). Shooting in manual I then could just adjust the aperture to cut back the amount of light when the sun came out. I wanted to expose for those bright highlights, but careful not to let them blow out.

It is much easier to darken an image than it is to lighten it as far more detail and tones are stored in the brights than the darks, provided you do not over-expose. Once you over-expose there are no details left to recover.

I shot these series of images in under a minute! The clouds were swirling in fast. I really liked the gap between these clouds when all of a sudden they seemed to briefly kiss and were then gone.

The detail you see is really there, the medium format Phase just is able to capture it.

I have used the new version of Capture One to add some clarity, structure and contrast. Then I used Nik ColorEfex with a “bleach-bypass” filter to further emphasise those wonderful crazy textures.


Kissing Clouds 1


Kissing Clouds 2


Kissing Clouds 3


Kissing Clouds 4


Kissing Clouds 5


A Sense Of The Forest

This post is an extension my earlier “Dragging The Shutter” post. The New Zealand beech forests are wonderful places. Being a fan of TLOTR it is not hard to imagine seeing Hobbits, Elves or even Orks in these places. My natural shooting mode would be to create a huge wrap-around panorama. However, the light is fairly harsh, and there is a strong breeze blowing, so I abandoned my tripod to shoot intimate details of the forest that I hope will give me a sense of the forest.

The mind is an amazing thing, with only a few visual clues it is able to fill in the details!

The Phase is not really what I would call a point and shoot camera and to get shutter speeds up a suitable speed for hand-held I choose ISO 100 and f2.8. Using a 150mm fixed focal length lens I find that looking up at the back-lit leaves I can see interesting shapes.

Sense of the Forest - One

Sense of the Forest – One

Sense of the forest - Two

Sense of the forest – Two

Sense of the forest - Three

Sense of the forest – Three